Throughout the years, K&R has litigated on behalf of their clients in countless legal matters. During their tenure, both Leonard Kreinces and Howard Rosenberg have been involved in many unique and interesting cases. The following are several examples of cases that are of interest:

Real Estate

K&R has represented thousands of buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. In one particular transaction, K&R represented the purchaser of a single-family home in Glen Cove, New York. The clients, a husband and wife who were buying their first home, wanted this house desperately. They loved it. Despite the fact that the seller agreed to sell them the house, and executed a binder agreement to that effect, the seller was offered more money by someone else and tried to cancel the deal with K&R's clients.

K&R enforced the binder agreement against the seller and compelled the sale to their clients...who still reside there today. Who said there is no such thing as justice?

Business Litigation

All too often, individuals and/or companies fail to pay for services rendered or goods sold to them. K&R represents numerous business organizations, small and large, that have been on the short end of a business transaction. Fortunately, K&R has successfully sued on behalf of their clients to recover millions of dollars that might otherwise have gone unpaid.

K&R's extensive experience permits them to sue in Federal Court in order to expedite and maximize the recovery on their clients' behalf. While there are dozens of cases of interest regarding business litigation and suing for unpaid debt, the most important factor in each and every case is that K&R treats all of their clients with a personal approach. A compassionate level of service is provided and no detail is left unturned.